Outback Steakhouse the Affourtable Way

I think I'm a hoot. Our last name is Affourtit, pronounced Afford-it. Affourtable... hahaha get it? I crack myself up. Anyway, we've decided that a lot of our income goes to unneeded trips to restaurants. Really, it's not even about going out. I just enjoy going out and changing things up and eating something different than spaghetti or pizza (we're high class in the kitchen, yo). It's also not even about the food. In my mind, I know I could make anything we eat at home. So we did. We made a list of our most frequented restaurants and our favorite meals at each place. The plan was to create our favorite dishes at home. Mike went first.


What was on the menu? Mike loves Outback Steakhouse so we decided to whip up some sirloin, fresh green beans, and garlic smashed red potatoes. It was delicious and so much cheaper! Next up I think I want do steamed peel-and-eat shrimp from Red Lobster. Really, I want crab legs. But Mike says that needs to be saved for a special occasion. Some one go convince him (@MBAffourtit) that every day is a special occasion ;)

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