Puppy Love

I'll be honest. I'm a cat person. For sure. I let the cats take up my whole side of the bed. I will bury my face in their fur any day. I'm not a dog person. I don't like dog kisses. I don't like dog farts. And I don't like picking up poop. But I do love this pup. He is such an angel. I'll pick up his turds any day. 

Mike has me beat, however. He and Chef are best buds. He is so in love with this pooch and they are so cute together. Chef is so good in the car. He must know it means dog park time. He is so energetic that it's hard to get him a decent workout without sprinting (which I can't do with a recovering sprain) Mike results to skateboarding with Chef when the dog park is closed. I managed to snap a few pictures of them and I just die looking at them. So adorable! 

Chef is currently laying at my feet chewing through his 5th bone of the week. He plows through those things. But I guess it's not my furniture so I can't complain :)


  1. As long as that pup burns a lot of energy throughout the day and chews through a lot of bones throughout the week, she won't give you any hassle! ;P

    And I know this, because that is the personality of my dog to a T.

  2. Chef is so beautiful. I couldn't imagine having a puppy right now, or just in general any time soon. But he makes me want to get one.
    xo, Maria


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