Dear Chef,

We will miss your silly tail that would go crazy anytime we walked into the room. It was your way of showing how much you loved us.

We will miss how you constantly insisted on holding part of the leash when we took you out to potty.

We will miss how you quickly learned that peeing on the carpet meant a trip outside causing us to reevaluate our training methods.

We will miss your adorably sad eyes that won us over one out of five times no matter what you had done previously.

We will miss watching you tear through dog bones as if they were dog treats; You went through nearly one bone a day.

We will miss not having to hide our shoes all the time. You forced me to be a more organized person.

We will miss how much you loved getting in the car and sticking your nose out the window. You got so good at hopping right in without assistance.

We will even miss your slobbery sneezes in the car when too much wind got in your nose.

We will miss how you loved going on walks so much that you didn't care that you were choking yourself pulling on the leash.

We will miss your goofy way of trying to get your lead off of your snout. It looked like you were trying to hide your face and only once did you actually manage to get it off.

We will miss your loud, freight train snores that caused us to have to move your bed to the living room.

We will miss how you playfully stuck your head down and butt up in an attempt to get the cats to play with you. We were amazed you made it so long without a claw to the face.

But most of all, we will miss YOU. We're so happy for you Chef, and so glad you finally found your forever home. We know your new mom will run with you every day and be a great owner since she not only worked for the Humane Society, but is a vet as well. We hope you love your new home as much as we loved having you around for that short month. We're now on to train a new pup to be just as lovable as you so maybe we'll see you at the dog park some day.

While we were drinking green beer this weekend, Chef was at SICSA wearing his green coat waiting to see if this weekend would be the one when someone would snatch him up and take him to his forever home. Apparently that green coat made him irresistible because within 2 hours of dropping him off for the weekend, Chef got adopted! 


  1. Look at those eyes!! I was crying before I got through ONE sentence, and then I got to the end and they're HAPPY tears! Gosh, those silly animals get to me every time

  2. aw yay Chef! You guys obviously did an amazing job :)


  3. def made me teary.
    so happy for him & awesome that you made it through your first fostering experience!

  4. OH MY GOSH!!! I was so worried for a moment. I am SO glad this had such a happy ending. I am sorry you guys no longer can enjoy playing and loving on Chef, but so glad he has a good new home too!

  5. so emotional! I'm glad he's moving on for good reasons, wasn't sure till the end why you were saying good bye to chef!


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