In a Funk

My friend Allie recently opened up on her blog about being in a funk. It really made me realize how freeing it can be to let down all those walls and be completely honest about how you're feeling. It's quite tempting to put up a front on the internet and only share the happy things in life but that's not the whole story. Lately, I've been in a debbie downer kind of mood and instead of racking my brain on something bubbly and positive to post about, I've decided to open up.

Mike recently started working 2pm-11pm at his office. He has a great job and it's going to take him far in his life, but they are big on seniority. He is a software support technician at a company that services the whole nation. Because of this, they need to stay open until businesses in Hawaii close (11pm here) and because he's the new guy on the block, the late shift goes to him until someone leaves and another person is hired on.

At first, it didn't affect much. Mike still woke up with me for my 8-5 job, I came home for lunch, and I would stay up until he got home. You can probably imagine that would wear on a person. After a while I started falling asleep before Mike got home and he started sleeping in. Both of which are completely understandable. It started to feel like we never saw each other and the only time we had together were weekends and my one hour lunches.

It's probably about week 6 of this and I've got to be honest, I hate it. I feel guilty even feeling this way because I have friends in long distance relationships, one of which is pregnant with a husband in the military. I feel like I have it good compared to other but at the same time, I'm irritable and we put a lot of pressure on making our weekends memorable.

I know this isn't forever and we even know Mike will get bumped up to 11:30-8:30 by August. It just feels like forever. Not how I imagined life as a newly wed but what can you do in this economy? We are lucky we both have great jobs. I am grateful. And now I'm rambling. 


So that's that. Have any of you dealt with conflicting work schedules before? How did you make the best of it? In other news, I'm starting Project Life! I figured it would be a good way to pass time alone. Plus, I think this time in our lives is something we should look back on and be able to say "Man, we conquered that crazyfest" :) So I'm sure you'll be seeing a few posts about that here and there from now on.

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  1. There was one month where I would work the day shift and Rob had to work the night shift. Most times, I would get home and he would be gone already and when he got home, I had to be at work.

    I feel there isn't any reason for you to feel guilty for how you feel. Yeah, some people have it worse, but everyone experiences things differently. No one can ever tell you "I know how you feel" because you may be going through the same thing as someone, but you both interpret it differently.

    It sucked so much for Rob and I to be opposite shifts for a month, but when we did see each other, it was all that more special and we embraced it.



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