Meet Harvey!

Say hello to the newest addition to our foster family, Harvey Dent! Yes, we got to name him this time and of course, in DC Comic fashion, we continued the theme. We believe Harvey is a Dutch Shepherd with a little Pit Bull.

Harvey is the cutest little cuddle bug ever. He loves laying on us (read: sprawling out on us) while we watch TV. He is also extremely smart because of those Shepherd genes. Within the first 15 minutes of bringing him home I had taught him Sit and Stay. After only a day, he no longer needed to be on a leash for walks. He contently stays right by our side, only wandering a few yards max when he sees something interesting. When we call him back he comes trotting, ears flailing around, and greets us with a kiss.   

For being only 3-4 months old, this little guy is impressive! We love him already and can't wait to teach him some more advanced tricks in the near future.


  1. He's so adorable!

    Our dog's name is Harley Quinn, so these two should meet. ;P

  2. Love the name! He's such a handsome guy. Look at those ears!


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