Our Wedding | The Guestbook

Pre-wedding, Mike and I were going back and forth on what we should do as a guestbook (or if we should even have one). There are a ton of great ideas out there which made it pretty hard to choose. In the end, we decided to go with a photo book of our engagement pictures for people to write on.

I wanted to start having a yearly photobook, kind of like a family yearbook, starting our first year of marriage. I figured what better way to start the tradition than with our wedding guestbook (followed by a book of wedding photos). I used Blurb and put one photo on every page and alternated photo/ blank every other. I made sure that photos were on the same page and the blank pages shared a sheet as well. For example, on the first spread, the photo was on the right and the blank page was on the left. On the very next spread, the photo was on the left and the blank page was on the right. That way, if someone pressed hard when they wrote, you wouldn't have any indentations coming through on the photo. Smart, huh? :)

I prefer Blurb because they offer a free Adobe InDesign plugin that you can install and create your book offline. It makes it nice for designing your book over time rather than having to do it all in one sitting.

At the wedding, we had the guest book sitting on a small table next to our wedding favors and card box. People could come in and write notes or just sign. Some people gave us a little piece of marital advice, some people wrote down funny stories. I'm really happy with this decision to have a photo guestbook so we can look back and remember everyone who came while looking at old engagement photos as well. It's sort of like killing two birds with one stone!

**This post was not sponsored by Blurb. All opinions are my own.**


  1. That's such a cute idea! I need to figure out what I'm going to set up for my wedding guestbook... it's less than a month away, time is running out!

  2. Great post! Can we follow each other on Bloglovin? Please search for me at http://www.beallara.com/blogs/news -- Lara Lewis {Beallara}

  3. Gah!! We were going to do the same thing. we've had quite a few friends of ours already get married and two did this. I always want to be out of the box, different and creative have been wracking my brains for something else now. The other day I finally figured out what we are doing :)

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  5. we did this for our wedding guest book too! i loved it!


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