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Remember that time when I started blogging about our wedding and then just stopped randomly for over 8 months? Yeah - My bad. With all the craziness of new jobs, switching jobs, and the holiday season, I completely dropped the ball on sharing photos. So let's start things up again, shall we? No big deal I've been married for 8 months already. We'll just let that one slide...

So like I mentioned forever ago in our Ceremony blog post... we let our friends where whatever they wanted and just told them the color to stick with. I think it made our wedding even more laid back and fun. We had a lot of fun taking pictures with each other and just being all around silly. I love the way the miss-matched dresses look together and how dashing the guys looked in just plain old tshirts and polos.

One of my favorite pictures, though, is probably this one of my brother and me. Candid photos are the best. My brother is pretty handsome, no? ;)

To check out the rest of the Wedding posts, click here. I'll be back soon with the rest of our wedding photos. I'm such a slacker sometimes!

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