Sweet Cherry Pie

Quick. Name that song.

I am a HUGE fan of cherry pie. My mom learned how to bake them from my Dad's grandmother and then she passed along the recipe to me. It's super secret. And super amazing. You don't even understand. Typically, cherry pie gets made 2-3 times a year and normally around the holidays. Not. Enough. Cherry. Pie.

After she taught me how to bake them I honestly had the urge to bake a pie every week. Together, my mom and I have made pies in all shapes and sizes. Regular pans, small pans, mini mini mini pans... well I decided to add another to the list. Due to random cherry pie cravings and a plethora of mini canning jars from the wedding, I decided to make up some cherry pie jars to freeze for whenever I feel like having pie.

It's super simple. Just find a cherry pie recipe online and put it all together in jars. It's easier if you cut the crust into strips and mold it together int he jar. Freeze, and take out when you feel like some sweet cherry pie. Just put the frozen jar (take off the tops and fabric) in the cold over before turning it on. Flip the oven on to 450 degrees and bake for about 15 minutes or until the top crust starts to brown. There's no need to defrost the pie. So simple!

I made a batch of these for a family friend and my father-in-law who are both cherry pie lovers as well. I'm cooking one of my own as I type this. Any other cherry pie lovers out there?


  1. beautiful idea and so beautifully presented! So happy to have found you :D

    Bundana @

  2. And just as much crust as filling, brilliant!

  3. swoooon. such a smarty pants... did you know cherry is my favorite too?!


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