Yellow Springs with the Pup

This past weekend Mike and I took our foster pup, Harvey, to our favorite place in the world (well, Ohio at least), Yellow Springs. We started out by taking a hike through John Bryan State Park. Once we were on the trail we took Harvey off his leash. To say he was a happy pup would be a gross understatement. He had so much energy he would run up hills, down the path, back up the path, and then jump on anything he could. He stayed fairly close to us the whole time only wandering a few yards. 

Who knew, Harvey is an expert tree climber. Getting up the tree? Easy. Getting back down? Well, that entailed a lot of whimpering and foster mom having to come retrieve him from 5 feet up. Silly pup.

After our hike, Harvey was soooo tired. We walked into town and grabbed some corn dogs and fried from a food truck and then went to the Corner Cone for some ice cream. If you thought Harvey loved the hike, you should have seen him demolish an ice cream cone. After blowing through his kiddie cone and half of my cone, we decided to call it a day. I’ve never seen a dog sleep so much in my life. He slept the whole 35 minute car ride home and 4 straight hours once we got back into the apartment. He was one tired pup. We plan to make it a weekly thing and hope the weather is nice enough to go back this Saturday.


  1. My heart just melted, haha he's just so adorable

  2. yay!
    i just posted our latest state park hike as a family of 3!
    brain share!!


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