Dayton Blues Festival

This past weekend Dayton had their annual Blues Festival. Did you know I like the blues? I grew up listening to it almost every night and honestly, I hated it at first. Just a typical kid hating the music their parents listen to. But as I got a little older and really started to appreciate music, I realized how awesome blues music really is. I bet you could name any song and find out that in some way, it was influenced by blues. The Black Keys? Straight up blues-rock and it's made they've made it to the top 40.

The Blues Fest always has some great bands playing for you to set up your camp chairs and listen to. Best of all, it's completely free to go to. They always have food tents set up and let me tell you, Louisiana Grille has the best bourbon chicken you will ever taste. Hands down. And of course there's beer. This year, though, the beer was a tad different...

Apparently these two college kids invented something called "Bottoms Up Beer" which is essence, is just a solo cup with a metal ring at the bottom and a magnet that keeps the beer in. That way, you can fill up the cup with a keg from the bottom essentially cutting back on any waste. Mind. Blown. Why in the world didn't I think of this first? It's so simple and the marketing is brilliant because inevitably you end up collecting the Budweiser magnets from the bottom of the cup and take them home to put on your fridge. It's only practical. I needed more magnets anyway. Insane in the membrane.

The only set back to this brilliant creation is what happens if you touch/push on the bottom of the cup...

 Thank goodness for air-dryers in the bathroom.

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