I'm back and with a surprise!

It’s been over a month since I’ve posted on this blog and I’m happy to say, I think I’ve had a long enough break to jump back in for real. I really just needed some time to figure out why I blog. Is it for fun? Is it for money? Is it just an obligation? I thought from time to time about just deleting my blog all together but every time that thought came to mind I got a little sad. And then that made me wonder why blogging had become so draining. It’s supposed to be fun! I realized that blogging had become somewhat of an obligation in my mind. I felt that if I wasn’t keeping up day to day I was letting loyal readers down, or not getting my sponsors enough views. After sitting down and pondering on how to fix this dilemma, I think I came up with a solution. But first things first...

What have I been doing while I’ve been away? Let’s begin.

Harvey has already grown tremendously. He was under 25 pounds when we took him home. We think he has tapered out at his current weight of 45 pounds which we think is a nice size. He’s finally grown into his ears and paws and knows a bunch of commands including Sit, Stay, Come, Shake, Ball, and Find It. Next I need to teach him to pick up his toys :) He loves to swim with his life jacket on and we can't wait to take him down to the Ohio River this summer.

Mike and I started the Insanity workouts. I had to quit for a few weeks because I got pretty sick and pulled a rib muscle from coughing so much. I’m hoping to start over in a few days. Mike is on Day 20 or so and has already lost a noticeable amount of weight! I know it takes longer for ladies to notice change, but it’s definitely inspiring!

I upgraded to an iPhone 5 and am in love! I had a 4 previously and it was great, but it had started to crap out on me after having it for almost 3 years. I absolutely love how amazing the camera is on the 5. Sometimes I swear it’s almost as good as my Canon DSLR. I had an oh-crap moment a few days ago when I left it outside at my aunt’s house in the rain. Whoops. I plopped it into a thing of rice, though, and it was good as new. That rice trick is magic!

We are moving! I haven’t shown many pictures of our current apartment and I planned on doing so, but we are actually moving into a bigger apartment in our same neighborhood so aside from the additional space, things will look quite similar! I’ll be sure to snap some tour pictures as soon as we’re all moved in this time, promise :)

So, want to hear my big plan now? I decided that having this blog be a source of income was really wearing on me. It made it not fun to post and made me feel like I needed to be posting at least once a day. That can be a little draining with a full time job. (If you’ve got a fulltime job and are successfully posting each day with good content, hit me up, I would like to pick your brain.) At the same time, having “sponsors” is a fun part of blogging, all money aside. It’s fun to help people get more views and get their blog out there in the blog world. Several months ago I introduced a free two week ad to the mix. Well, I’m turning it up a notch...

As of today, all sponsorship on this blog is TOTALLY FREE. That’s right, small ads, large ads, featured ads... all free for a limited time! I don’t know how long I will keep this going so it’s on a first-come-first-serve basis. Each ad will run for 15 days so everyone gets a good amount of exposure. For the featured ads, only one will be on the blog at a time like usual. I will accept only a certain amount of ads in the queue at a time so if your ad doesn’t get accepted right away, don’t worry.

Now, I can’t just have the ads be $0.00 so you’ll need to use the promo code TOTALLYFREE at checkout. It should NOT ask for any credit card information so if it does, go back and see if you’ve entered the code correctly. Let’s start working together!

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  1. thanks so much for offering free ads! so amazing :)

    been following your blog for a long time, looking forward to reading more posts from you!


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