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I have a slight obsession with mixing and matching dining room chairs. I'm not an avid thrifter or anything, I just love the way it looks with a sleek dining room table. Mike and I actually built our dining room table and I've been holding off on blogging about it until we get some nicer chairs. Right now we have hand-me-downs that my grandfather built from scratch. They have unfortunately seen better days but part of the reason I like the idea of having mismatched chairs is so I can keep one of my grandpa's chairs that in better condition. I love the idea of having an heirloom even after we upgrade to better chairs.

I'm going to start having to keep my eye out for cool chairs to add to the collection. Right now we have two. The sooner I find them the sooner I can show off our awesome dining room table! What are some of your interior obsessions lately?

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