When Cats Attack

A little bit of advice... don't lock your crazy cat out of your room at night on accident or you will wake up to a nice patch of torn up carpet. Apparently, Talia thought that if she dug hard enough, the carpet would magically turn in to dirt and she'd be able to squeeze her crazy little body under the door. Whatever her thought process, I now had a 6"x6" hole in my carpet that would inevitably lead to mass amounts of money owed to our landlord upon move out. Not. Okay.

I've always been one to DIY anything and every thing I can in life. Why spend a bunch of money on something when you can make it yourself and it mean that much more to you? Well, this normally only applied to household decor, crafts, clothes, etc. Now, it's spread into home renovations.

I initially contacted a local carpet guy and asked for a quote on how much the repair would cost. He said the repair would be about $150 and we would need to buy the carpet ahead of time. I'm all for supporting local small businesses but I just couldn't rationalize paying for the carpet and for $150 of labor for a tiny carpet patch. So I made an executive decision to do it myself. After a few YouTube videos and Google searches, I swore to Mike I could repair the carpet.

I have to hand it to Mike. He really believed in me that I could successfully repair the carpet without making it look obvious. I read that the best way to do it was buy matching carpet, then take a patch out of your closet to actually repair the issue spot. Then use the new carpet to repair the spot you removed in the closet.

The picture above was from before we vacuumed and smoothed the carpet out. I'm pretty proud of the turn out and it's even less noticeable after vacuuming. We had to buy a 12 inch by 12 foot piece of carpet from Lowes so I'm fully prepared for any more anxiety attacks Talia has in store in the near future.

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