Festival Madness

This weekend Mike and I went to yet another local festival in Dayton, the Cityfolk Festival. I've always been skeptical of this festival with visions of full-on hippies skipping around holding protest signs (sorry to any hippies out there). While at times I could consider myself somewhat of a hippy, I wasn't sure about what kind of music that would entail. But when I saw on the website that you could bring your dog, I knew we had to go. Plus there was a beer garden. Need I say more?

The weather was off-and-on rain all day but the festival was right on the river which, even with the not-so-good weather, was beautiful. The music was surprisingly right down our alley and one of the first bands we heard sounded a lot like Mumford and Sons. After that, three Celtic sisters did some amazing electric violin (I am in love with the electric violin. In. Love.)


I'm convinced, though, that what made this festival the best was the fact that we had Harvey with us. If you're a single person out in the world, I highly suggest you get a dog. So many people approach you when you have a cute and well-behaved dog. I can't count how many times we had people approach us and ask to pet Harvey or said how beautiful he was and wanted to know what kind of dog he was. We especially loved that question because it allowed us to reply with "Thank you, he's a pit bull terrier mix" the look of shock on most people's faces was hilarious. No one could believe that a "uber scary, vicious pit bull" could be so friendly and well behaved.

We did have a few people confuse his gentle leader for a muzzle but after we explained that if he really did want to bite you, the lead would not stop him, they seemed to ease up :) I think Harvey changed the opinions of a lot of people about how pit bulls actually act. It's so sad that they get a bad rap when they were historically called "nanny dogs", NOT fighting dogs.

I couldn't have been more proud of Harvey. This was the first time he's been in such a big group of people and he did amazing. He walked at my side the whole time and hardly ever pulled on his leash. He met a few other dogs and did great. At one point, he was playing with these two little kids while their mom watched and another dog, a giant poodle, came over and barked at Harvey. The little kids went to pet the poodle and the mom quickly stopped them and called them back while saying "That's not a nice dog, why don't you keep playing with Harvey instead". I died. A mother preferred her kids to play with a pit bull rather than a fluffy poodle. It just goes to show that it's not the breed, it's the owner who decides a dog's demeanor.

People were also amazed at how well Harvey did with all the loud music. They asked if it bothered him. We laughed as we explained that there is never a moment in our apartment when music isn't playing. Harvey sleeps though my magic bullet blender, a little folk music isn't going to do anything. He fell asleep at our feet for over an hour while we listened to the final bands. It was the best time ever and we'll totally be back next year.

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  1. Aw Harvey makes me happy :) Gunner isn't quite to the point of not getting over excited. He jumps so much and we try to tell people that when he jumps on you, to get him down and they go "no it's okay", well...no...it's not okay lol


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