Moving on up...

This past week Mike and I moved into our new apartment. We stayed in the same complex/neighborhood but upgraded into a 3 bed/2 bath. We are in love. What we were NOT in love with was the torrential down pour that happened all three days we were trying to move. Not ideal.

Nevertheless, with the help of amazing family, we got everything moved over and the old place cleaned up. We were a bit sad to leave since it was our first place as a married couple. But at least we will still walk past our old apartment every day while on walks with Harvey :)

This time around, I made sure to paint the walls BEFORE moving in furniture. But holy cow, the 
vaulted ceilings are even higher this time. That, my friends, was a workout.

While its hard to pick just one thing that is my favorite part about the new apartment, I'd have to say its the bigger patio with an amazing view. It feels like we live in Florida with the water and pool. I could die happy with a beer in hand, gazing out over that view.

We're still getting things set up and art hung but we are hopeful that we will be done by the end of the month and can throw a rockin' apartment warming party with all our friends. Wish us luck!!!

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