Getting Fit, Eating Healthy, and Center-Cut Bacon

Was anyone else aware the center-cut bacon is only 15 calories a slice!?!? This simple fact has made my life. 3 slices of bacon and two egg whites is enough to fill me up for 4 hours -- getting me to my late morning snack -- but is only about 80 calories. Holy wow. That's one awesome treat to start my morning. I broke out my Polar FT40 this weekend when Mike and I took Harvey for a hike. We hiked for a little over an hour totaling 1.7 miles. I wouldn't say it was a very difficult hike for the most part. We had a few hills and then several steps at one point, but I was so surprised when I clicked over my HRM and saw that I had burned over 500 calories. We used RunKeeper to track our distance and it only showed about 150 calories burned. I absolutely love RunKeeper but it doesn't track elevation so it's not very accurate with calories unless you have a compatible HRM. So now I just use RunKeeper as more of a social app and to track my workouts while I manually input the calories after the activity.

This little monitor has sparked a fire in my fitness life. I had to talk myself out of wanting to head back out to the gym right after getting home from our hike. I can't wait to get off work and hit the gym so I can continue working on my endurance while running. Anyone else out there have this lovely little machine?


  1. I have an older Polar and love it although I don't always wear it. I'd really like something that tracks my mileage too but this one doesn't.


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