I've Out-Done Myself | An Anniversary Present

Well, I completely failed at writing a blog post on it, but two weeks ago Mike and I celebrated our one year wedding anniversary! Crazy, right? Where did the time go? Mike surprised me with buying a battery grip for my Canon that I'm now obsessed with. Portrait photos are so much easier now! Little did he know, I'd get to use this gift for the anniversary gift I got him!

A little back story before I spill the photos... Mike has his own 29 Before 30 list much like my 24 Before 25. On that list was "Race a car around a track". Knowing Mike and his down-to-earth, realistic thinking, I'm sure in his mind, this just meant driving a Mustang around the local drag racing strip. WRONG. I had bigger, better plans.

I surprised Mike with the gift of not only being able to race on a track, but race on the Indy Speedway. And he wouldn't be racing just any car... he was going to be behind the wheel of a Lamborghini. Yeah, I'm pretty much the coolest wife ever, right? I think he about peed himself when I finally told him. So yesterday we headed off to Indiana for a day of fast cars, and hot engines, and a whole lot of fun.

Neither of us had ever been to the Indy Speedway so this was a pretty cool trip for me as well. Not to mention I loved being able to help check off one of Mike's bucket list items. Mike had some serious butterflies when we arrived and was so antsy to get behind the wheel. The Speedway is HUGE. Holy wow. I'm not a huge Nascar fan but I've seen bits and pieces of the Indy 500 before and I just did not imagine the actual Speedway being this big!

After what felt like forever to Mike I'm sure, it was time to "suit" up! He strapped on his helmet (complete with a cool little video camera) and walked out to his sexy ride for the day. I snapped a few pictures before running over the the viewing area. Thank goodness for telescope lenses because like I said, that track is huge!

Off he went onto the track! He got to do three laps before heading back into the drop off zone. I couldn't really tell how fast he was going from the viewing area but if it were me behind the wheel, let's just say I'd have been driving a LOT slower. The sounds that came out of that Lambo were a bit crazy for a Honda-driving gal like me but it was so fun to watch him zip around the course. 

After he got out he was all grins as he headed back to where I was waiting to greet him. He got a take-home photo as well as the in-car video that we actually have yet to watch. While this was technically a gift for Mike, I have to say, it was a ton of fun to see him so excited and loving life. I'd say it's going to be pretty hard to top this anniversary :) So here's to one year down, and many many more to come!

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  1. He has such a lovely wife-we have spent our 5th year anniversary cleaning the house :-). But i have been inspired to start a 30 before 31 list.


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