My Fitness Must-Haves

Mike and I have always considered ourselves pretty health-conscious. We make sure to eat healthy foods as much as we can (to counter those obligatory random Taco Bell nights) and are a pretty active couple. Lately, though, we've really been on a fitness kick. In fact, even Harvey is getting involved! Mike has been training with Harvey to run a 5k. Earlier this summer, Harvey could barely run a mile without lagging behind. Mike is way faster than me, but in no means faster than a typical dog should be able to keep up with. So they have been getting up early most mornings and run/walking 5ks. They've actually gotten down to a 26 minute 5k! Way to go Harvey!

I've also been trying to challenge myself to step out of my fitness comfort zone. I am NOT a long distance runner. I'm a sprinter. I can run like the wind... but for a short time. I've just never have very good endurance when it comes to running which is something I'm working on changing. I've been running on the treadmill at the gym a lot lately in hopes that I can extend the amount of time I can jog without having to walk. My secret? I set short term goals that have rewards when I reach them. Mostly more fitness related things. One of the below "must-haves" was actually my first reward!

My reward for hitting my first short term goal was the Polar FT40 Heart Rate Monitor. I am soooo excited about this heart rate monitor and I wish it would get here already! I can't wait to get a more accurate reading of calories burned during workouts and during a normal day. I'd like to know if I'm eating the right amount of food for my activity level.

I love love love my RunKeeper and MyFitnessPal apps. They are pure gold and even pair up to work together. Any run or workout I put into RunKeeper automatically gets entered into the MyFitnessPal app which tracks my calories. I know some people are against calorie tracking but it's just nice to see what I'm putting into my body and be more conscientious about it.

An armband for my iPhone is a must for me. Not only do I like to listen to music, but I need my iPhone with me if I do a run outside so RunKeeper's GPS will track me. I really love the pink accents too :)

Next is this amazing invention for running with your pup. You clip it around your waist like a belt and then hook the leash to your dog. It's so much easier to run with Harvey when you aren't trying to hold onto a leash the whole time.

Compression pants/shorts/capris are my jam. They are my go-to workout bottoms. Target has some really awesome patterns in their C9 collection and I just want to buy them all! Last but certainly not least, I bring a little moleskine with me when I'm doing weight training so I can write down what I do (reps, weight, etc). I tried logging it into my phone at first but I just felt weird being in the gym on my phone looking like I was texting. I'm an oddball, I know. But it was also difficult once I started using an armband because I would either have to attempt to type my workout on my arm, or go through the trouble of taking it our of the band each time I wanted to log something. Having a fitness/workout journal may be a little old school for some, but it's worked the best for me.

So, guys... do you have any fitness must-haves that you'd like to share? Or any motivating tips on how to stay healthy? I'd love to hear them in the comments!


  1. I'm glad that Harvey can keep up! I find that I can run longer outside as opposed to a treadmill.

    I live my Fit bit and can't function without it! I've been wanting an armband but still haven't gotten one yet.

  2. Definitely going to try the running app you recommended. I've been on the hunt for a good one and having no luck! X


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