Project Life | Week "Holy Crap, I Suck"

Well guys, like the title implies, I suck. I haven't done project life in FAR too long. So much has happened! I wondered if I should just skip those weeks and start again now but like I said, so much has happened!  I don't even have a page to show when/how we adopted Harvey! Unacceptable.

After talking to my mom about my little slip up, she made a good point in telling me that falling off the band wagon is part of the "life" I'm showing in my Project Life album and that I should embrace it. Enter Week "Holy Crap, I Suck".

What happened this "week"? Oh boy. Where to begin? Harvey has gotten so big! | My Great Aunt G passed away and at her funeral a poem kind of changed my perspective on life | We celebrated my Mom's birthday | Many weekends we spent at my Aunt's pool with Harvey | I participated in the Dayton Battle of the Businesses with my coworkers | We moved out of our apartment at 1323 and down the street to 1444 | Batman did what he does best, sit in boxes | Harvey proved that no object can stand up to his desire to shred... even a 30 pound bag of cat litter | Cuddle fests with the ginger cat | Harvey continued to enjoy swimming | We spent many afternoons on our new, bigger patio gazing out at the water | I tackled the challenge of painting our walls, even with 12 foot high ceilings | Even more nights at the pool | Batman still in boxes | We headed down to the Ohio River for a family vacation, pup and all | Harvey thought he was a human and claimed his throne on the pontoon | Harvey hurt himself while at the River and did a great job of looking pitiful for a few hours | We played Kan Jam for hours upon hours. Such a fun game | Enjoyed the beautiful River sunset with good friends and family

Ratio of iPhone photos to "real camera" photos : all iPhone

By the way, if you are thinking about starting a Project Life but aren't much of an online buyer, Michaels Crafts has started selling PL supplies in store! That's actually where I picked up my Small Variety Pack 1. And man, do they have some cute albums. I've already got one picked out for next year.

I've already starting planning this week's page so hopefully I can get back on track with Project Life. It's so fun to look back at what I did over the past months, even the small things. If you haven't started a Project Life, you really should!

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