Adventures in Bike Building

Who doesn't love bikes? Mike and I recently took my parents' old multi-speed Raleighs off their hands when they were doing a garage clean out. They definitely needed some cleaning and a bit of work, but they are nice bikes and we couldn't stand to see them hit the curb.

Over the past couple of weekends we have been working on them to strip, repaint, and pretty much rebuild them from scratch as single speed bikes. There have been points where I've thought to myself that it would be easier and cost about the same to just get new bikes, but it's so much fun to customize them and in the end say we built them from scratch. It's definitely been a labor of love.

We have both bike frames completely repainted. Mike's in matte black and mine in satin white. Next on the list is to buy new wheel sets for each bike. We tried to just buy a conversion kit but the bikes are about 20 years old and we couldn't seem to find a kit that would work. Plus, this way, I can get all white rims. I have some grand plans for my bike :)

I don't plan on dropping a ton of money on these bikes right away, though. Once we have the wheels, we plan on waiting a while to start customizing everything else. Little by little. I would eventually like a white crank set and drop handlebars. But for now, I'll just be happy to have a bike again!

Any other bike lovers out there? Show me your wheels!

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  1. My first thought when I read that Mike's bike was in matte black, was the Batmobile! hahaha

    I love the idea of doing this as a couple! I want something Rob and I could do...but now he's busy and we work opposite schedules :(



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