Eating In | Breakfast Tacos

As part of our plan to eat in more, I thought it'd be fun to try out some Breakfast Tacos after seeing so much of them around the world of Pinterest lately. So I got up bright and early Saturday morning and went to the grocery store to pick up some supplies. Bob Evans maple sausage, eggs, chives, a block of mild cheddar, home grown tomatoes, avocado, red bell pepper, bacon, and tortillas all were necessary for this little taco fiasco. We already had our favorite toppings in our pantry: sriracha, Skyline Chili hot sauce, and taco bell sauces. We were set.

To say these were delicious would be an understatement. Amazeballs. All that breakfast goodness smooshed into a tortilla of wonderful. Plus, I think having had made it ourselves made it taste even better. I'm slowly realizing that eating at home is not only more economical, but also more fun. I love cooking with Mike and I love being able to eat with the whole family.

Yes, all fur babies were present as we dug into our meal. Well, except for Talia who was probably hiding under some piece of furniture. You could see in their eyes they were just hoping a piece of maple sausage would fall onto the floor. I may or may not have given them a few pieces of bacon. That little adorable pup up there is my friend's Potcake, Coco. Yes, I said Potcake. It's a breed of dog believe it or not. Her brother adopted her while on vacation in Turkes and Caicos. I guess they have an overpopulation of these adorable dogs and they just couldn't resist bringing her home. We got to watch her this weekend and judging by Harvey's current mopey status, I think he misses Coco.

Any fun breakfast recipes I should try? Let me know if the comments! Also, don't forget to enter the latest giveaway for a chance to win a $50 gift certificate to spruce up your home!


  1. Wow, that has made me seriously hungry for some homemade breakfast! I love cooking with S, we always have a giggle and it really does taste better when you make it. Recently I've been loving broccoli and putting that into a breakfast omelette has been a real winner ^_^

  2. Yum! If only we could find decent tasting gluten free tortillas..or a recipe to make our own. These look soooo good :)

    xo Nicole


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