Eating In | Healthy Homemade Pizza

We are on a roll with this whole eating in goal! I have to make sure we don't fizzle out and go back to our terrible ways. But if every meal could be as good as this one, I don't think I have much to worry about. After following Elise Blaha's 40 Pizzas series I just had to start making my own pizza. You can put so many crazy ingredients onto a pizza and it will still taste amazing. But for this first pizza, we decided to stay a little easy and not go all out on trying new things. On the grocery list for this pizza was organic free-range chicken breast, a Boboli whole wheat pizza crust, fresh spinach, fresh mozzarella balls in olive oils and herbs, Organic tomato sauce, Mrs. Dash tomato-basil-garlic seasoning, and home grown tomatoes from Mike's grandpa's garden.

Mike started off seasoning the tomato sauce with pepper and herbs just to give it a bit more flavor while I grilled up the chicken that had been marinating in olive oil and the Mrs. Dash seasoning. While that was grilling we slapped on the tomato sauce and added a layer of spinach. Then I sliced the mozzarella and layered it across the pizza. Once the chicken was cooked I put it on a plate to cool like I sliced up the tomatoes and covered the pizza. Finally, we diced up the chicken and sprinkled it on top.

Before tossing this puppy in the over I drizzled some olive oil over the top and added a bit more pepper for seasoning. Then it up off to the oven for about 15 minutes at 350 degrees. While that cooked Mike and I watched the Bengals get defeated by the Bears. Not so fun. But at least I had a pizza waiting for me.

I honestly can't believe how good this pizza was. I could have eaten the whole thing by myself, though that would defeat the "Healthy" part of this title. So I held off. The one thing I would change next time is the crust. We wanted to bake our own, but thought we'd start small with the pre-cooked version. It was a little floppy after baking, however, and required some support while eating. My kind of pizza is the kind where you just hold it by the crust and dig in. I don't want scorching tomatoes falling into my lap, thanks. Next time I think we'll try conquering the crust as well. Does anyone know of any good recipes for pizza crust? I'm a big fan of the hand-tossed thickness but Mike loves thin crust. Really, I'm not very picky as long as it's pizza :)


  1. I love making my own pizza, it always tastes so good and is so much better for you than take out!

    I buy pizza base mix from the store, it usually only requires a little hot water to get it going and you can get the wholewheat variety, which is scrumptious. My tip to avoid a 'floppy base' is to cook the base by itself until it just starts to brown, then add your toppings. Always works for me ^_^

  2. trader joe's has pizza dough already mixed that you spread out and bake, it's really good! They have whole wheat also.


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