Harvey says I should have an ad sale...

In celebration of moving from the Dating phase with Passionfruit Ads to Lover status, Harvey thought I should take some time to go over what all there is to offer with Crafted Love advertising as well as spread the love a bit :)

There will still be three sidebar sizes to choose from but now you have another option on how to promote your blog/website.... Blog Post Ads. Now, you can sponsor every single Crafted Love blog post for a full 30 days. That means your ad (640px by 100px) will be displayed at the bottom of every post that gets published on this here blog, new and old. This is the highest traffic area on Crafted Love and will definitely get you a lot of views. If you look at the bottom of this post, your Post Ad will follow the teal "more information" bar. How's that for being front and center?

But there's more! Like the title hints, I'm offering 50% off all ads on Crafted Love for a short time! Just use the code LOVERS at checkout to get your discount. Easy peasy. So, who wants to join the fun?

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