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I'm a bit of a wino. I admit it. There's nothing better than a good glass of Cameron Hughes over dinner. In fact, a lot of the decorations around our house have something to do with wine. Corks in a vase, twine wrapped wine bottles... I like my wine. And what's cuter than a 4-pack of baby wine glasses? Nothing.

I've seen pins on Pinterest where people have taken these wine packs and turned them into hot cocoa mixings. I thought it would be fun to come up with some of my own ideas on how to use them! This first one is on how to turn them into little infused olive oil containers.

While at the local wine shop, I was looking more for the bottles, rather than the quality of wine. When I saw this pack of Woodbridge, I just knew it was the one. They even look like olive oil jars! I had never had the wine, but in my mind, it had to be better than Sutterhome.

So I downed my wine. I won't mention how long it took me. I'll leave that to your imagination. Once they were empty I washed them out, threw them in the dishwasher, and scrubbed off the remainder of the label that was still left. Once all my bottles were clean it was time for cooking!

I really just thought up what I imagined would be yummy together. I decided on basil with lemon rind, rosemary and garlic, scallions (chives) and black peppercorn, and jalapeno seed flakes. To infuse olive oil it's best if you warm up the oil and ingredients in a pan together on low to kill any bacteria left on the herbs after washing. not only does it sanitize your ingredients, but the warming process helps infuse the oil faster. Without the heat, it could take weeks to really start tasting the flavor. This way, you start to taste it in only a few days. For the lemon rind, I used a potato peeler to shave off slices of the yellow rind making sure not to get the bitter white layer. After I cut up all my ingredients for the olive oil, I actually chopped them and put them in an ice cube tray and covered them in plain olive oil. I popped them in the freezer and now I have rosemary, garlic, and lemon juice on demand. High five for saving leftovers!

After the oils had warmed a bit I turned off the stove and let them cool back to room temperature. Once cooled, I used a funnel and poured them into each of the bottles. Some of the ingredients got stuck so I had to physically stuff them in after all the oil drained in. Then I labeled the bottoms so the lucky person would know what they had and there you have it... mini infused olive oils.

I put them back in the cardboard pack and placed them in a basket along with other wine themed goodies for a gift exchange I was a part of this past weekend when all the ladies in my family got together. The wine cork wreath was a beast to make. Soooooo many corks and sooooo much hot glue. I didn't do a post on it because it seems to be way over done in the blog world. 

But here's the finished product! Add in a [full] bottle of wine and a yummy herb smelling candle and you have a gift basket that the ladies will fight over (which they did). My aunt ended up getting it in the end. She loves wine as much as me. I'm glad I'll get to see my cork wreath every now and then at her house because man, was that a labor of love. So, what do you think? Something you would try?

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  1. cute basket and love that wreath! How did you get the corks around the curve of the wreath?

    I have made infused olive oil as well. I was recently going to do a post on one that I made that really turned out yummy :) May I recommend that you dry your herbs before put them in the bottle with the infused olive oil. prevents possible mold. I use fresh herbs when warming it up to an almost boil but I put dry herbs in my bottles. It looks just as pretty too! :) I have also used baby wine bottles too. ha.


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