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Sometimes I have the hardest time juggling a full time job, a blog, freelance projects, and a personal life. Something always seems to get neglected. I've tried using countless iPhone apps to organize everything, calendars, and planers but nothing seemed to stick. I just couldn't organize EVERYTHING in one place it seemed. Luckily for me, I was contacted my Zazzle and offered to try out a couple of their products. While browsing through all the fun products they offer, it dawned on me that the simplest and most tried-and-true option might be the smartest way to go about organizing my hectic life... a good-old binder. 

After having flashbacks from high school (I was a bit am obsessed with office supplies) I realized how awesome a blog binder would be. I could hold everything in one spot! And what's awesome about Zazzle and their binders is you can choose from a wide array of designs, or completely design your own!

I chose to design my own binder* (surprise, surprise) and uploaded it easily into the form. I was a little skeptical about how it would turn out at first. I've had experience with other companies wear my design is cut off or it just doesn't wrap all the way around whatever it is I'm creating. But the Zazzle customizing process was really nice. It showed safety margins and bleed lines so you knew exactly what was going to get cut and where. I was extremely pleased with how it looked in the end. The design wrapped flawlessly around the whole binder and honestly looks like I spent upwards of $100 to have it made. Nope. These guys only cost about $20 to make.

The other product I got was a custom dry erase board*. I chose to design it to be a weekly blog schedule so I can quickly see what I have planned for the week. In the binder, though I have started to create sheets for organizing all my information such as monthly blog schedules, post idea planning, social media sharing, and my freelance income track sheet. I'll be sure to share more as I start to create more inserts for my binder but for now, I just wanted to brag about it :)

What's awesome about a binder is how many ways you can use it. I kind of wish I had known about Zazzle's custom binders back when I was planning my wedding. They have such cute monogram binders like this one that would have been perfect for organizing all things wedding planning! Or their recipe themed binders? They make me want to start making new recipes all the time so I can file them away in a cute binder. I'm really going to have to restrain myself so I don't go making binders for every occasion and purpose!


  1. I love this! I miss buying school's the organization I loved!

    I want to get back in to blogging and this looks like it could help me balance everything.

    I also see my name there for the Christmas cards. I'm so excited!

  2. I'm a huge list maker. I have to or I forget. I've tried apps on the iphone... notes, tasks, evernote, etc. But there's something about a good ole pen on paper. Scratching something off that is done is so much more rewarding than an iphone app. Love the binder. Might have to make myself one or two. :)

  3. Such a fantastic idea! Pen & Paper is the best way for me to keep tabs on my life. List making, always. :)

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