Just Relax

Every year the ladies in my family come together for an extended weekend away. Most of us are from Ohio, along with a few from Indiana, and a few from Jersey. We typically go somewhere secluded and far from civilization. The less distractions, the better. This year, we traveled all the way to a tiny little town called Magnet, Indiana. And let me tell you... it was SMALL. I'm pretty sure you could walk from one edge of the town to the other in under 5 minutes. We stayed in a giant cabin on the Ohio river that sat beside the local (read: ONLY) bar. We never even made it to the bar. We stayed in the whole extended weekend and I have to say, this was probably one of my favorite trips.

One of my favorite things about these weekends is how relaxed they are. I am not a relaxed person. I tend to be a go-go-go person. Just ask Mike. He's always waking me up to lounge in bed or watch TV but the minute I wake up, I'm like, "LET'S GO DO SOMETHING!". And if I'm not out doing something, I'm blogging, checking twitter, answering work emails, or texting someone (normally Mike). Well, guys... Let's just say Magnet, Indiana wanted none of that.

With zero signal, no wifi, and family around that have no problem just taking it easy, I was left with nothing to do but relax. And let me say, it was amazeballs. At first, it was hard to transition and I found myself pacing around the cabin trying to find something to do. I'm sure I looked crazy. I'd come sit on the porch for a second, rock a bit, then get back up and walk inside. Repeat 3 to 4 times. Finally, though, I figured it out. I figured out how to just BE. No texting, no surfing the internet, no netflix, no pinning. Just sitting and enjoying the company of my favorite ladies. It was just the medicine I needed to recoup from long weeks of work, money stress, and a pooch that has an insatiable desire to shred (the newest treat being our rather expensive down comforter). 

Come Sunday, when it was time to leave, I was recharged and ready to tackle a new week. I was sad to say goodbye to all these wonderful women but it was just what the doctor ordered. I think Mike and I might start making our Sundays an "unplugged" day. I think we should all start unplugging more often. Who's with me?


  1. I am the opposite.. I am always loungng around and not getting my work done.Instead I spend all my time thinking about doing what I should be doing..!

    But even then,I am always plugged in.Procrastinating in the form of pinning or tweeting or something along those lines.I think I need to unplug my life atleast one day outta every week too!

  2. I'm just like you - I never stop! We recently went camping where there was no wifi and no cable. Shockingly, I had an easier time transitioning than my hubby! I could definitely use some "unplugged" Sundays.


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