This past weekend was jam packed full of crafting, decorating, and cooking. I had high hopes of finishing everything by Sunday night so I could blog all about it but it proved to be too much to accomplish in one weekend. Curses! So instead, I thought I'd share a little sneak peek of what all we did before I actually post about it.

This little project is probably my favorite art project yet. I cannot wait to finish it and share. It's an art piece that I decided to make for our spare bedroom to go along with some pillows a sponsor sent us. I hope to finish it up tonight and hang it so I can share the tutorial. It ended up being a little more in depth than I imagined but hopefully my directions are clear enough that anyone can do it as well!

Mike and I have become very conscious about what we are putting into our bodies. First, it started with staying away from the middle aisles of the grocery store. We tried to stick to buying fresh produce, meats, and grains. Then we started looking further into the ingredients of our foods. We started buying organic meat, eggs, and tried to find the healthiest breads we could. Now, we're taking it a step further and canning our own food! Partly because I have just always wanted to try, but it's also nice to know exactly where your food came from. We started out by pickling some jalapenos (Mike puts them on EVERYTHING) and soon I hope to try making our own jam and applesauce! I definitely plan to share the adventures on the blog, starting with our jalapeno fun :)

There are a bunch of other projects I don't have photos of yet, but I'm so excited to post them. I haven't had this productive of a weekend in months! I wish every weekend could be like this past one and if we could maybe have an extra weekend day, that would be fabulous ;)

What did you do this weekend? Any tips on canning food or books I should read?

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