My Obsession with Spot UV

A while back I decided to design some business cards for my freelance design business. I was thinking up how I wanted to design them so they would be eye catching and eventually landed on using Spot UV. 

If you're unfamiliar with Spot UV, it's a coating method that makes only certain parts of the paper "glossy". So in low light situations where there is little glare, it may look like nothing is there. But if you hold it in the light, you can see the UV coating. You can have the coating over the actual design, or have it just be "invisible", if that makes any sense.

This is what my biz cards look like in this setting of light. On the right, I have just my name with UV coating. Everywhere else is matte/dull. It's awesome. On the teal side, in certain lighting, it just looks like a blue background with my name in white.... WRONG.

When the light shines on the blue side of the business cards you can magically see a bunch of words that describe what all I offer design-wise. Words like animation, social media, interactive, blog, video, logo, and packaging all shine in the light around my name. I'm obsessed with these business cards. I want to hand them out everywhere I go.

I'll be honest, I want to design more of these. Like right now. I currently sell the custom design AND professional printing of 1000 Spot UV biz cards in my Etsy shop, but because I'm dying to make some more of these ASAP, I'm offering my loyal readers a discount! As of now until who-knows-when, if you use the code CLREADER at checkout, you will get 20% off your order. So make my day and go order yourself some awesome Spot UV biz cards for your blogs, shops, and small businesses so you can stand out from the competition!

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