The Great Game of Saving: Make Saving Money Fun!

I am a "instant gratification" kind of person. If I'm not going to get rewarded right here, right now, you've already lost my interest. This probably explains all the years during junior high and high school where I would get $300 paychecks and then blow them that weekend. I hope a lot of you aren't like this and are able to save your money and just watch it grow with no immediate desire to spend it. If so, go you. But if you are like me (my apologies), maybe what you're missing is the angle of competition. You desire an instant reward, yet it doesn't always have to be spending that money. Enter The Great Game of Saving. I tried to find a synonym for "saving" that started with a G because I'm crazy like that... but no luck.

This project was a bit of a spur-of-the-moment adventure and actually cost me no money which is great considering this is a saving game, not a spending game. But even if you don't have all the supplies for this little project, you can always find them on the cheap. No need to be fancy here.

I had a crappy 19x27 IKEA frame shoved in the back of my guest bedroom closet. It is flimsy and was collecting dust. Perfecto. You'll also need a semi big sheet of paper (I used packaging paper) unless of course you want to make a smaller version. Then you'll just need some scissors to cut the paper, a ruler, a marker, and masking tape if you're using rolled paper and want to keep it down (not shown).

Cut your paper to the size of your frame and begin drawing out the grid of boxes. I chose to do 1.5' boxes 10 across and 15 down. The idea is to shade in a box for every landmark of money savings. We decided to have 150 boxes each worth $100 which would be a total of $15,000 in the end. You can choose to do more or less boxes, or choose to have the box represent a different amount of money. We plan to buy a house soon so $15,000 was a good amount for us (down payment). You, on the other hand, might only want to save up for a $5,000 vacation. Go for it, though I always say dream big.

Once your grid is done you can decorate or add important stops along your saving goals. I chose to just mark where each $1,000 is all the way to $15,000. Now any time we save $100 we can fill in a box. Instant gratification. I'm already excited to start checking off boxes. It may seem like a lot of boxes to fill but can you imagine what it will feel like to complete a whole row? 3 rows? Half the "game board"? Ah! I can't wait. Now join me in this game and go make your own! I'll be sure to highlight my progress here and there and would love to hear about any of you guys who are trying to save!


  1. This is such a great idea, to be able to keep track of your progress in a fun way ^_^


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