DIY | Pop Art Meets String Art

It's DIY time! We have been in the process of re-doing our guest bedroom and I couldn't figure out a style for the room. Finally, after a few months we figured it out. I think it's no secret Mike and I have an obsession with comic books. Maybe the fact that we named all our pets after DC comic book characters was a give away? Add in my love of Pop Art and we had a style. After we added a couple pillows I started to brain storm artwork and of course I ended up doing it myself...

Supplies: 24"x36" piece of wood (we used pine but plywood will work), wood stain in your color of choice, polyurethane, paint brushes, yellow nylon string, nails, red paint (not shown), hanging supplies (not shown)


Step One: Using printer paper or free hand, draw out your comic book phrase of choice. We chose "Bam!". The less corners the better so for the "M" we chose to have a straight bottom.  Step Two: Hammer your nails into the wood to outline the letters. A nail ever inch works best.  Step Three: Hammer nails around  the letters. These points will be the points of the "explosion", for lack of a better word.  Step Four: Tie the end of your string around one point. We chose to tie it around one of the nails shaping the "B" because we figured it would be less noticeable in the end. Use a lighter and melt the end of the string so it does not fray. Make sure the knot is tight.  Step Five: Begin to wind the string around each and every nail, coming back to the explosion point each time. In between letters you will just thread the string back and forth.  Step Six: When you have connected all the nails and are happy with the look of your string art, cut and tie the string to another point. Melt the end.  Step Seven: Using the red paint, paint dots all around the string art, leaving the interior of the letters blank. You can cut a sponge into a circle or just use your fingers. It doesn't have to be perfect.  Step Eight: Once it's dry, nail hanging teeth to the back and hang it up!

You now have an awesome piece of pop/string art for your digs. I'm in love with ours. I'll share more about the pop art pillows tomorrow. Until then, if you have any questions, leave me a not in the comments!


  1. This looks seriously awesome. I saw it pop up on my feed and my jaw dropped - it's a great tutorial and it's something I will definitely be having a go at to brighten up our home!

  2. I love it, so creative and fun! Where did you get the yellow string?

  3. Lisa, I got the yellow string from Home Depot

  4. this is really cool! how long did this approx take you to do?


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