Greetings, from the most photogenic dog around...

So we were out buying Harvey food and we stumbled on a fleece jacket... a lumberjack looking fleece jacket. SOLD. Well, we take it home and decide to see how Harvey feels about wearing something more than his normal bandana. My friends, this is what happened...

I swear... it was like the minute that coat went on Harvey turned into a fashion model. He cheesed it up for the camera for a good 20 minutes. I about died of cuteness overload. Yes, that's possible. And it almost happened.

I think it's safe to say Harvey likes being a lumberjack. Plus, it keeps him warm when we go out for potty breaks and fetch sessions. The ladies of the town can't resist him now. He's just too charming. Look at that pearly white grin!

Finally Harvey got a little pooped out from all the attention and just plopped down in the middle of the floor. I wonder if you have better puppy dreams when you nap in lumberjack coats. I'd like to think so. 


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