Where have I been? Here's where I've been...

I've barely blogged over the past few weeks. And it's not for lack of posts -- I have a whole slew of blog posts waiting to be formatted and published. I've just been busy! And what, exactly, have I been busy with? Well, I'll show you!

I have been hard at work designing and developing a new and improved Crafted Love website! I have always wanted to take the Crafted Love blog and turn it into something more than a blog and this is a first step! Currently, the site is hosted at www.allisonaffourtit.com and is still in the works. I have several pages I'm still working on and even hope to add a shop section. But for now, it links to this blog and a contact page. It's responsive, fabulous on mobile, and I love it!

Eventually I plan to migrate this blog so that instead of linking to this site, which is hosted on Blogger, the blog link will stay in the general site. I hope it's a smooth transition and I don't lose any readers along the way. When I switched from www.craftedlove.blogspot.com to www.craftedlove.com it was a bit of a pain to migrate all of my Bloglovin' followers. Here's hoping this time is easier. Hopefully by 2014 it will take on www.craftedlove.com and the blog will be hosted at www.craftedlove.com/blog.

I'm so excited about all this. You have no idea. I feel like a little kid at Christmas making all the edits and changes. You know you're a design nerd when....

So if you would like to hop over and check it out while it's still in the "beta" phases, be sure to let me know your thoughts! Constructive criticism is always appreciated as well.


  1. I'm confused... are you switching the web hosting? You should be able to update your blog url via bloglovin without losing any followers, at least I'm pretty sure you can as I've noticed other bloggers have changed urls and updated within BL so that I didn't have to do anything as a reader to still get my feed updated.

    Hope everything goes as planned! The new site looks very professional!

  2. Yes- I will be switching to a self hosted wordpress site. With all the things Google has been cutting back on (google reader, iGoogle, etc) I'd just feel better having my blog self hosted in case Blogger is the next to go!


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