You're Twinvited!

Today is Mike's birthday! AND Harvey's birthday! AND next week is my friend, Emily's birthday. So many birthdays! So to celebrate, we threw a party on Saturday. Not just any party... a twins party! Guests came dressed as someone else and we just had a grand old time.

Instead of baking a cake, I decided to have "beer" cakes with Mike and Emily's favorite beverage of choice. They were a hit until they started to get room temperature. So we decided it was time to "cut" the cake and put the beers and margaritas back in the fridge.

Harvey even dressed up and made the birthday twins into triplets. He was such a good pup all night long. Even with all the commotion, music, and laughing that took place. He's quite the little trooper.

And really, what party would be complete without a few rounds of Twister? Ironically, the very next day a tornado blew through town which was not so fun because we live in an upper apartment with no downstairs neighbor. Everything ended up okay and we lived to party another day. How did you spend your weekend?

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