DIY | Vanilla Bath Scrub

A few weeks ago I was contacted by WholeSalePlus and asked if I would like to try out one of their home soap kits. You know me, I'll try anything DIY so I perused through their massive list of DIY kits and finally landed on their "Debbie's Best Ever Vanilla Sugar Scrub". I figured it was perfect for the holidays without being totally "Christmas-y". 

Shipment was really quick and I had my kit within the week. I popped open the box and inside were all the ingredients I needed. The only things I needed from my own kitchen were a mixer, bowl, and scale since the measurements for the soap, glycerin, and fragrance were in ounces.

I'll be honest, at first it felt like more of a science experiement. I've never tried to make my own soap products before and I was unsure that these supplies could create anything I would want to touch my skin. But by the time it was the step for putting in the fragrance, it really started to look like bath scrub.

Once the vanilla frangrance was in and it was time to put the scrub in the containers, I had a hard time not eating the bath scrub. It smells sooooooo good. My whole kitchen smelled like icing. I even poured some left over essential oil (the fragrance) into a Scentsy warmer in my kitchen so the smell would just spread through the entire apartment. 


Included in the kit were plastic jars to put the bath scrub in but I chose to use small mason jars to give it a fancier feel. I used Avery's 2" round labels to create stickers for the tops of the jars. It comes with a Word template for easy printing and they looked great! I had to do a bit of trimming on ones that didn't line up perfectly but other than that they were awesome.

Then I just used some scrap fabric and cut circles to cover the top. I printed out more labels, but on regular cardstock, and just taped them to the top. These babies are ready to go in Christmas stockings and given away to friends! What do you think???


  1. Love it! My plan is to make a bunch of people some body scrubs as Christmas gifts this year. I like how this post went up the day after I asked you about the recipe you used for a body scrub. haha!

  2. You did very well, for your first scrubs experiment!! There are going to be lots of very pleased people on your gift list this year!
    I've been making scrubs, soaps and lotions, and selling them at craft shows, and to folks at work for a couple of years. Wholesale Supplies is a great company! I haven't used their kits, because I like to do my own fragrance thing, but I get the supplies from them, and they're always well packaged and arrive very quickly!


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