It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

I honestly can't believe how fast time has flown this year! With Thanksgiving being so late, it seems like Christmas has just snuck up on me. This time, last year, I already had all my gifts purchased, wrapped, and nicely sitting under the tree. Let's just say this year hasn't gone so smoothly. And presents definitely won't be sitting under the tree this year thanks to a mischievous pup named Harvey.

On Black Friday I had the bright idea to head out around 1:00pm to Best Buy to see if I could get some of our items purchased. I got all the way to the turn into the shopping center, saw how long the left turn lane was, and turned right back around to head home. Yep -- I chickened out. This year we've been trying to get as many presents purchased early (and online) as we can. One of my favorite things, holiday season or not, is saving money. This year we've been trying to find as many deals as possible and I thought I'd share my top three favorite Groupon deals for the season!

16"x20" Canvas Print for $19.99
Picnova is offering an awesome deal on printed canvases. You really can't beat that price. Whether it's for a family photo or your own artwork print, I think a couple of these hanging on a wall would be awesome for a Christmas present.

Save $80 on Beats By Dr. Dre Headphones
I work a lot with video at my job and am constantly wearing headphones. I currently use a crappy pair of ear-buds which are not fun for long projects so these noise-cancelling headphones would be pretty awesome.

iHome iPad Bluetooth Keyboard
While I currently don't have an iPad, if I did, I would totally have one of these to go with it. I love how you can travel with ease with an iPad, yet still that most of the functionality of a laptop. Plus it's made by iHome so you know it's good.


  1. I am totally in the same boat. Christmas is coming too soon for us this year!

    My husband loves the Beats by Dr. Dre, he says they're the best headphones! They would be a good investment. I've been eyeing iPads, too!

    Since we're pretty much flat broke this year, I'm trying to make everything again. I can't wait to get our high res wedding photos to make canvases for all of our parents, haha!



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