One Little Word for 2014

Last year I really enjoyed reading about Elise's "one little word" theme for 2013 and decided to join in this year. For our word, Mike and I decided that "prudent" was a perfect theme for what we want to focus on in 2014.

During this upcoming year we really want to start saving more, spending less, and knocking out debt as much as we can. While it's great to have that college degree, it's not so much fun to watch a whole paycheck go towards paying it off each month. I don't think I can take a full 10 years of that. So we're just going to buckle down and pay it off earlier!

2014 is going to be the year of watching our wallets closer. Clipping coupons. Making homemade products instead of buying name brand. Skipping eating out and instead putting that money aside for the future.

I've already started a new budget binder full of planning tools to keep us on track which I will show off here as soon as I finish added everything we need. There's nothing like organization supplies to get me excited about saving some cash :) Other than that, I'm on the hunt for cheap date ideas, money saving diy projects, and any other way to help us stay strong on this little path. So if you have any ideas, don't hesitate to share them! Anyone else have a word for 2014? I'd love to hear about it!


  1. I am excited to read about this in 2014! This is a focus of mine as well in 2014 and it feels overwhelming at times so I am excited to hear your story and get inspired. Good luck and happy new year!

  2. Going into 2014, contemplating prudence is just the right focus for me as well. As I am prepping to be married in June, my fiancé and I frequently discuss how we want to structure our life going forward (and how in the hey we are ever going to own a home). We are determined to cut down our debt mountain and just live more simply & charitably (a la Papa Francesco).

    I am glad to know that there are others on this path too. We'll have to stick around to give and receive support along the way!

  3. This is the first year I've chosen one word, so I'm loving reading everyone else's!

    Happy New Year! xo

  4. When it comes to grocery shop, always bulk what you buy with coupons. I've saved more than around three thousand this year just by bulking everything I buy both grocery and miscellaneous (toilet paper, dish soap, etc).

  5. Our family phrase for this year is 'Live the good life' which involves growing our own veg, making old things into new and enjoying home-cooked good instead of going out to each. Each penny will be spend carefully!


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