Winter has arrived...

It's official. Winter is here. I actually worked from home yesterday because the roads were so crazy. It was like we'd never experienced snow before in Ohio. The trucks couldn't keep up with the roads and it was just really dangerous to be out. So I hunkered down at home and enjoyed being able to work while keeping Harvey company.

By lunchtime there was already about 4 inches of snow and no signs of stopping. Harvey experienced a little bit of snow last year but it was like he'd never seen it before. He was running around eating it while I kept yelling "Harvey, it's cold! Go to th the bathroom already!" I don't think he really cared what I had to say. He was enjoying himself too much.

There's just something about snow that makes the holidays even better. It makes cuddling up with a movie even more special. Today we're hoping to take Harvey on his first sledding expedition. That should be interesting...

Any snow in your area? What are your plans for the weekend?

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