Home Sweet Home

We're home owners!!!

Mike and I have had quite the busy beginning to 2014! Mike started a new position in his company, my company sent us to Key West, and the icing on the cake? We just closed on an adorable little ranch house! We lovingly refer to it as the Yellow Brick House and couldn't be happier!

I was actually in Dallas, Texas on business earlier in the week to shoot some client testimonial videos. While it was great to see new places, I was dying inside not being able to be home with Mike to help pack. My flight home got in at 10:00pm the night before we went to the closing table. We closed at 9:00am and then immediately started moving all of our stuff out of the apartment and into the house. If it wasn't for the shear excitement I had, I probably would have passed out from exhaustion. It took us a little longer than expected but we got everything moved in a day and just spent the next day cleaning the apartment and getting last minute small things. Now starts the fun of unpacking all the boxes. I wish they would just unpack themselves!

You might be seeing a lot more home improvement posts around here for the next few months as we make this house into a home. We've already started changing out doors, putting up shelves/pictures, and getting the back yard ready for many lazy summer days. I can't wait to be able to show some before and after pictures!


  1. Oh yay, congrats on becoming home owners! Have fun settling into your new home!

  2. CONGRATULATIONS! Welcome to new memories to make and cherish forever.

  3. You guys are the ones. Owning a home is such an achievement


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