DIY Stone Firepit

There's nothing more summery than a good old campfire if you ask me. So many memorable nights and great conversations happened around a campfire that we just knew we needed to create one ASAP. Even before we got around to doing other (probably more important) things. Are you starting to notice a pattern with our home projects? We don't really like to follow a plan I've come to realize.

So after perusing through Google Images and Pinterest, we decided to just head off to Home Depot and see what we could find. We knew we didn't want to just buy a fire pit. We wanted it to feel a bit more natural and blend in with our back yard. I'm also a big fan of stone firepits so that swayed us a bit too.

At Home Depot we found the RumbleStone section and instantly started geeking out about all the things we could do with these puzzle-piece stones. But first things first, we needed to start with what we came there for. We ended up not following their firepit plans and actually used the plans for a tree ring which called for 36 trapezoid blocks. So off we went to the cashier to pay and head back home to create our masterpiece.


This project was so unbelievably easy. I think the pictures will speak for themselves. We just laid out 12 blocks in a circle right on the grass and figured out placement and spacing. Oncec we had that nailed down we took an edging tool and dug an outline a few inched out from where the stones ended. Then we moved all the stones out and removed about 2 inches of grass and soil. This allowed the bottom circle of stones to sit a little bit under ground which helped with leveling everything out. Once that first layer was in place and perfectly aligned, the rest was a breeze. We staggered each stone instead of sitting them directly on top of the one below and then filled the inside of the pit with a small layer of pea pebbles and also filled in the rest of the dirt circle with the pebbles.

After we finished we realized that three layers of stones wasn't as tall as we would have liked so we went back for another set of 12. Total cost of the project? $140 including the pea gravel. Eventually we plan on purchasing a shed and filling that whole corner of the yard with either wood chips or more pea gravel, so for now we haven't glued the stones together. Even without stones, though, it's quite sturdy by itself. After we finish some more pressing projects around the house we might come back and build a couple benches with the RumbleStones. I'm seriously obsessed. I better watch out or my whole back yard will be stone. Now, who wants to come over for s'mores?

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