Pimp Your Ride (for Under $20!)

At some point in most people's lives, it's time to upgrade to a bigger car. Whether it's because of kids, more trunk space, or hauling dogs to-and-fro, sometimes you just need to bite the bullet and get a mom big kid car. 

Mike and I joke that my Escape is my fur-mom ride. Mom ride or not, I need to drive in style! And without breaking the bank. We heard about this thing called "FlexiDip" from a friend and at first I was skeptical. What kind of scorcery could give me sexy rims for under $20? Lies!

Well, I was wrong, guys. Oh-so very wrong.

I love my Escape, which Mike refers to as "The Whip". She's pretty pretty even with her stock wheels. But a little makeup never hurt anyone so why not give her a little face lift?

We bought black FlexiDip from our local home improvement store. They keep it right with the spray paint and it's in a typical spray paint bottle. The skepticism was strong at this point. There was no way I was going to let the hubs spraypaint my wheels. Talk about janky. But he promised it would look good.

The thing about FlexiDip is, it's not normal spraypaint. It's actually a spray-on rubber of sorts. When it dries, you can peel it off if you don't like it. But it stands up to wear and tear really well so you don't have to worry about it scratching off when you run over curbs. Scorcery, I tell you!

Mike started off by scrubbing the wheels to make them nice and clean and ready to accept the paint. Side note, can we talk about that dude up there? He's pretty darn rad. Man-bunning it up, reppin' the Cincinnati Reds, and scrubbing my wheels to make the Escape pretty. I scored a keeper.

You want to make sure you get off as much dirt and grime as you can. At least anything that's caked on or would wash off over time.

Next, you need to tape up your wheel nuts and brakes so you don't have to spend time peeling it off afterward. That would be annoying. You don't have to 100% cover everything. Small areas of paint won't show up to the general public. But you be a perfectionist if you want!

Now comes the fun. Just like if you were spray painting something else, spray a a few light coats at a time. You don't want any drips--though if you do get drip marks, just wait for it to dry and peel it off to start over again. No big deal!

I think Mike did a total of three coats before calling it a night. Just make sure you allow it to dry (preferably in a covered garage) over night or for about 8 hours before you drive anywhere. Just to be sure, we did this on a weekend when we could just use our other car and let the Escape sit for a day.

I could hardly contain my excitement every time I walked past my baby. I couldn't wait to drive to work the next morning. And that's saying something because I'm RARELY excited for work.

SEXY. That's all I have to say. Look at those wheels! Personally, I think it looks like I have a top-of-the-line model. When in reality, we got this car for a STEAL and just did a $20 makeup job. I'm in love. Now if only it would motivate me to keep the interior looking nice. I might have a hoarding problem. Shhh. Don't tell Mike.

You'd be surprised what new rims can do to a car! So, who's heading to Home Depot now? 


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