The Foster [Fail] Life | Meet Quinn!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted about how we foster dogs throughout the year. In fact, my last post about it was about how we foster-failed with Harvey and ended up adopting him as a full time fur-kid. Well, a lot has happened since then! There have been many more tails and furballs to enter into our lives. Some for longer than others and one for life! First things first… we adopted a second “furever” dog! 

Meet Quinn! We started to think it was about time to bring in a playmate for Harvey. One that wouldn't leave after only a few weeks and could keep him company while we were away at work. The problem was we couldn't adopt just any dog. Harvey likes to play 
ruff rough and he needed the perfect playmate. One that wouldn't get annoyed with his constant head-butts and pestering when he wanted to wrestle. While he's always been great with our fosters, especially the puppies, we could tell he got bored sometimes and just wanted a good wrestling match.

When our dog trainer, Danielle, called me while on a disc tour (from North Carolina!) to tell me she found the perfect dog for Harvey, we jumped on the opportunity. So she drove back home to Dayton, Ohio with Quinn (previously named Katie) to bring her home to us. Quinn, short for Harley Quinn, loves to run, play and wrestle with Harvey. They could wrestle all day long if we let them. It's exhausting to watch. But Quinn's story wasn't always a happy one. While she's only a year old, she spent almost all of her first year in an outdoor kennel with little to no attention. She came from a breeder who bred a Border Collie with an Australian Kelpie to create, what they thought would be, amazing herding dogs. Quinn apparently didn't get that gene and would herd her siblings, but not the farm animals. So she was forgotten and neglected. But now she's with us!

We are still working with her to reverse some of the sad habits and behaviors she learned in that first year of only being in a kennel. She paces back and forth and in circles any time she is not laying down or playing with Harvey. And while she is almost fully house trained, she isn't crate trained when it comes to going to the bathroom. This in particular is going to be really hard to break because of the fact that she ate, slept, lived, and relieved herself in a kennel for a whole year. There have been many days of coming home after a long day of work to have to clean out her crate. But she's getting better and better and she is the biggest love bug.

She loves to cuddle and couldn't be happier lying next to us while we watch TV. She is great with the few fosters we have had since adopting her and she loves almost everyone. We're still working on getting her to not be afraid of Mike's 6'7" brother. It's a work in progress.

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