Why I Switched From Self-Hosted Wordpress to Blogger

You're probably wondering if I made a typo in the title of this blog post. Why on earth would someone switch from a fancy-schmancy self-hosted Wordpress site back to Blogger? I must be off my rocker, right?

Nope--you read that correctly. After a year or so of hosting Crafted Love using Wordpress, I decided to come groveling back to good, old Blogger. Why, you ask? I'll tell you!


In order to have a self-hosted Wordpress site, you need hosting. Even with the cheapest option (Don't do it. Seriously. Don't), having my blog on Wordpress was costing around $100 a year. And it wasn't even worth it. The load time for my site was sooooooooo slow. Like snail slow. Really slow, guys.

Not only is Blogger free, but for whatever reason, it's light years faster than Wordpress when it comes to load time.

Design Limitations

While I hope to some day be a developer bad ass, I'm still learning when it comes to PHP--the back bone of Wordpress. So when it came to designing my site, I was limited to finding a theme that had the look and feel I wanted and editing the CSS to make it my own. With Blogger, I can design anything I imagine up. Want an awesomesauce Instagram feed in the footer? BAM! Put an Instagram feed in the footer. 

Blog Tutorials

Last but not least, I want to start publishing more posts about blogging tutorials. I enjoy sharing knowledge, and I think you guys really liked those posts as well! The problem is, most of my blog followers use Blogger, not Wordpress. And it's a whole lot easier to show tutorials on a platform you're actually using.

So check back here and there if you are a blogger looking to learn some fancy new skillzzzz. And leave me a comment below if there is something specific you'd love to learn how to do!

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