Reuse Old Candle Jars for Home Organization

Guys, this DIY couldn't be simpler. I'm not even sure why it needs to be a "tutorial" but I love sharing the crafts and projects I do so why not? I don't know about you, but I go through candles like crazy. I love having a house full of yummy smells. And, not going to lie, it helps with having six animals. Two dogs, two cats, and two birds, no matter how often we vacuum and clean, I always worry that our house smells like our pets. So you can imagine how many candle jars I have lying around. I've finally gotten around to using them and this was my first "upcycle".

Until this project, I had been holding my makeup brushes in a mason jar which just wasn't big enough for all the brushes I have. So when we were updating my vanity (more on that later) I walked passed my graveyard of dead candle jars and saw the perfect specimen.

Step One

Put your candle in a sauce pan and fill it with just enough water to come as high as the left over wax. For me, that was barely half an inch of water. Turn the burner on low.

Step Two
The wax will slowly start to melt. When there is no solid wax attached to the sides of your candle jar, you can turn off the burner and use tongs or oven mitts to carefully take out the car.

Step Three
Carefully pour the melted wax into a jar you don't plan on keeping. DO NOT pour it down the drain. Bad news bears. You will have one nasty clog if you do that. Wait for the old wax to harden and then just throw it in the trash. The hot water from the pot and steam will also make it really easy to remove any stickers or labels from your jar.

Step Four
Using a paper towel or some toilet paper, wipe out any wax that didn't come out while you were pouring. Rinsing with water won't get this wax out which is why it's best to just use a paper towel. And again, you don't want wax hardening in your drain. Throw out the paper towel.

I just used some washi tape to decorate my new jar and boom! A cute jar to hole all my makeup brushes and mascara. I've fallen in love with my new makeup station/vanity and I can't wait to show it off AND a fun painting/DIY that goes along with it! Have fun upcycling those candle jars! 

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