DIY Canvas Art Jewelry Organizer

For the longest time I've hung my necklaces on one of those over-the-door coat hanger type things. Not exactly the cutest thing in the world and talk about annoying--every time I closed and opened the doors the necklaces would jingle-jangle and swing back and forth. So I knew it was time for an upgrade.

Mike had just recently set up my stand-up vanity in the corner of our bedroom and I thought it could use some sprucing up so I decided to nail two birds with one stone... organizational art!

Don't worry if you don't like your handwriting. You can always paint them both stripes or trace a font from the internet. I actually love the striped one more than the "Hello, beautiful" one! For this DIY, you'll need:
  • Acrylic paint (teal, pink, white, and gold)
  • A natural sponge
  • Paint brush
  • Stretched canvas (with a wooden frame)
  • Small white hooks from any hardware store
  • Nails or screws for hanging
  • Necklaces!

Put two globs of your teal paint on a either side of a pallet or plate. Add a drop or two of white to one glob of paint and mix. Sponge on your lighter color first and then let it dry before sponging on the darker color. This will give it some depth. Let that completely dry before trying to paint on the gold.

Before painting the gold I went ahead and screwed in my hooks to the bottom. It's easier if you pre-drill, but don't worry if you don't have a drill. It just takes a little more elbow grease to get them screwed in.

Writing with a paint brush might be a little intimidating, but just hold the brush like you would a pen and think "thin up, thick down" and write out your saying. Let that dry and now on to the easier one!

Same as before, dab on two different shades of pink with your sponge. When it's fully dry, brush on your gold paint in stripes. Don't try to be perfect. The messier the better and I like doing different stripe widths. I ended up painting the edges of the canvas gold as well. Once that's dry, screw in your hooks and hang them both on the wall. Add your necklaces and viola! You have adorable necklace organization!

I've had this set up installed for less than a week but it's already made me wear more accessories. With them hanging so neatly right next to me as I get ready in the morning, it's so easy to pick one and go. And I have to say, waking up and seeing "Hello, beautiful" is a nice little pick-me-up.

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