Bumpdate: 24 Weeks

You guys, so much for monthly "bumpdates" lol. Maybe bi-monthly updates is more my style, eh? But nevertheless, almost 10 weeks later and I'm back with LOTS of new info regarding this bump of mine. 

How far along? 22 weeks.

Total weight gain: -24 pounds. I managed to gain back 3 of the 27 pounds I lost in the first trimester. But I'm still sticking right around the same weight these days. My OB even had me keep a two week food log so I could prove that I'm not starving my kid lol. But I assure you, I'm eating healthier than I have in years!

Maternity clothes? Not really! I'm carrying fairly high so I still fit into my old jeans and most of my shirts still fit. I do wear maternity clothes on occasion just for fun, but I really only have one pair of maternity jeans and about 3 tops. Everything else I wear is from before pregnancy.

Stretch marks? Still holding on strong but I'm sure it's only a matter of weeks before my first "tiger stripe" makes its appearance.

Sleep: It's starting to get rough, guys. I'm a back sleeper and I'm officially at the point where that's not okay anymore. I get extremely nauseous if I lie on my back for more than a few seconds. So I have been relying on my snoogle pillow to make side sleeping more comfortable. I toss and turn though. Thank goodness for naps.

Gender: GIRL!!! I was right all along! My record still remains intact. We got to see our little nugget at 16 weeks for an early gender scan and then again at 20 weeks for our anatomy scan. She's looking great, measuring on track, and it looks like she got her mom's long legs--they measured a whole week ahead of everything else!

Best moment this month: The first time I felt a kick! It really does feel like a butterfly flutter--so surreal. 

Food cravings/aversions? Still no cravings. I continue to hate meat unless it's hidden in a dish. Fun times, my friends. At this point, I feel like my OB wishes I would start craving burgers.

Missing anything? It's official. I miss beer. Especially today on St. Paddy's Day. I'm about ready to tint some O'Douls green and call it a day.

Movement? Yep! I feel little movements throughout the day. I'm still not sure if they're kicks, rolls, or hiccups, but it's so much fun feeling our little one move around in there.

Belly button in or out? Still no turkey "done button" going on.

Wedding rings on or off? On. I have a feeling I will be able to keep my wedding band on the whole pregnancy since it's a Qalo silicone ring.

Workouts? I have officially stopped working out. With my lack of weight gain, my OB and I figured it would be best. I go on walks still, but no more weight training for this girl until after baby.

Looking forward to: July! I know, I know, I know: "enjoy ________ while you can"... "________ while you still can"... blah blah blah. Trust me, I've heard it all. And I do realize everything changes--but isn't that the point? I really just can't wait to meet our little girl and start having fun being a little family. 

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